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11/29/08 10:50 AM #11    


Tony Hruban

I would like to wish Jeff a most happy forty-frickin'-ninth birthday.

But his birthday isn't until Monday.

12/01/08 10:35 AM #12    


Tony Hruban

I would like to wish Jeff a happy birthday and I think I will wish him a happy birthday because today is the day.
Happy birthday Jeff.

12/11/08 01:17 PM #13    

SeAnn Mason (Haynes)

I'd like to wish everyone a Great Holiday Season !!
Merry Christmas !!

12/14/08 12:10 PM #14    

Jeff Kracl

Tony thanks for the birthday wish. I feel so honored to join you and others in ths 49 club. Gee that rhymes with wine club which I never was a part of.

I'm hopeing all of you have a save and happy Christmas season. I'll drink to that.

12/17/08 04:02 PM #15    


Tony Hruban

Holy crap! Someone else posted a comment! Way to go SeAnn!!!

I heard a woman telling a story of how she had been rescued by a complete stranger. As compared to what, an incomplete stranger? Who would be what, missing a leg or arm or something?

Happy Holidays to All!

01/09/09 02:33 PM #16    

Jeff Kracl

Well we made it into 2009! My origional plan was to just sit at home and try to stay awake until the new year came in. I know, showing my age. Instead Fred and Darcy Kruger and another couple from Norfolk came over and we laughed, Played games and Drank until 3AM or so. When I woke up New Years morning I went into the bathroom and passed out falling to the floor with a pretty good thump. Twice! My son Matt said I shouldn't have been trying to do the Captain Morgan pose. I recieved a pretty good cut over my eye that turned into a pretty nice shiner later as the blood all pooled. What a way to start a new year.

01/09/09 05:17 PM #17    

Michael Grier

I have no idea what the "Big Mac Attack" was. =)

01/09/09 05:56 PM #18    

Jan Spanjers (McNally)

Geez Jeff!! I thought we were wild on New Years...Sounds like you and Fred had a grand ole time. By 1030 I was ready to go home, but we got our second wind and my 13 year old sent a text wondering where we were. My kids are not used to having us go out. What a switch form High School. Have a Happy New year to all:)

01/12/09 03:11 PM #19    

Steve Huber

For over 10 years now I have been sober. That is not to say I haven't had an occasional alcoholic beverage but by the grace of God, I was provided with a small measure of self-control. I pray that I continue to have self-control in many aspects of my life.

I pray everyone will see the benefits of leading a sober life style as alcohol doesn't enhance life but over-consumption of alcohol will only diminish one's life.

Over consumption of alcohol has altered my life in a way that has left me with nothing but heart-ache and pain.

I apologize for the lecture but I feel pretty strong about the subject. I am by no means perfect, but I stive to lead a life that would be pleasing to God even though I know I will fall short of that expectation.

01/19/09 08:52 PM #20    


Tony Hruban

Well alrightee then;

Steelers or Cardinals?

Oh, and hey, Mike "Rosie" Grier, great to hear from you!

Peace out.

01/24/09 02:35 PM #21    

Marcia Huss

I had planned on the "Big Mac Attack", however, I ended up with an appendicitis attack.

Hope 2009 is going good for everyone.

02/03/09 05:42 PM #22    


Tony Hruban

John B and I participated in the Big Mack Attack, 'cept we figured if we were going to Columbus, we'd eat at someplace we liked. So we went to Taco John's. Taco attack! Can you say taco attack with the "a" in taco like the second "a" in attack; short "a" instead of "ah"? I knew you could.

John and I rode motorcycles and anticipated that the superior speed of the bikes would make up for the additional time getting to TJ's. At some point, mine fouled a plug (damn 2-smokes J.K.) so would only go about 80 instead of a hunert. Or was it 50 instead of 80? Anyway, got back to school just in time for first period in the afternoon to end. John made it just before the bell. He was only tardy. I did not make it before the bell, so had an unexcused absence, which earned a detention. Crap.

02/04/09 08:34 PM #23    

Jeff Kracl

I drove the 'ol 1970 Challenger but don't remember who was all in there with me. I'm sure Holly Hanson but unsure of any others. I remember passing a semi on the way back by the packing house and hit some cow shnineola on the road and doing a sideways slide. I understood the expression slicker than S**t. Anyway I did make it back in time for class and no dentention!

03/03/09 02:36 PM #24    


Tony Hruban

Oh come on Freak! We are all adults. You can say it.
Slicker than...


03/10/09 05:01 PM #25    

Jeff Kracl

About like I dang near snot in my pants?

03/10/09 09:55 PM #26    

John Berglund

Wait a second. Are you saying I went with you to TJ's instead of McD's? Wow, I have forgotten many things I've done back then; probably for the good. I could have sworn I was riding with Freek...

03/10/09 09:57 PM #27    

John Berglund

But I don't remember the sideways slide... Maybe I didn't even go but I do remember detention. Maybe I just went to keep you all company.

03/17/09 01:08 PM #28    

Jeff Kracl

Happy 49th B-Day Johnny B!

03/18/09 05:02 PM #29    


Tony Hruban

Happy birfday JB, one day late or 364 days early, take your pick.

Pretty much every ride with Freak was scary, no? Tough to remember what else one was doing at the time besides snotting one's pants.

03/25/09 09:18 AM #30    

Jeff Kracl

Oh come'on now! I was a nice safe driver. I never had any crashes, collisions, rollovers nor drove into any lakes. OK looking back I had some pretty busy Gardian Angels. Driving down to State basketball the other day a high school kid went blowing by a whole string of cars in a Mustang. I had to tell Deb "Damn, that's me 30 years ago."

04/01/09 12:27 PM #31    


Tony Hruban


Here is an item I think the Class of 1978 will find interesting.

The Science of Whoopee Cushions
Status: science

Science has determined the funniest whoopee cushion sound, based on a survey of 34,000 people. It is a long, whiny fart, lasting at least seven seconds. Young, European women tend to be most amused by fart sounds, relative to other demographic groups. And the noise of flatulence gets funnier the more you listen to it. The research was conducted by acoustics Professor Trevor Cox of the University of Salford, working in conjunction with the charity Comic Relief.

My (the person reporting this, not AJH) theory is that farts were the very first form of jokes. Cavemen sitting around and farting to make each other laugh. So by this time, our brains are pretty much hard-wired to find them amusing. (via The Telegraph)

Let's apply for a grant to do a similar study of our own. We would use the real thing though, not simulated noises. Ours would also measure the degree of funny relative to the foulness and longevity of the odor. While artificial farts can be quite entertaining, they rarely measure up to the humor found in those naturally produced. The delivery and the odor of the fart are essential components to determining a fart's level of funny.

For example, when grandma walks accross the room and releases a little chirp with each step, that's funny. If it smells bad, that's more funnier. However, the delivery is lacking. If grandma were to consolidate those chirps and release one big smelly one with the lift of a leg, that would be over the top funny.

05/11/09 03:17 PM #32    

Jeff Kracl

I believe the setting has to be appropriate for humor to be present though. Last weekend I was working in a room with my son Matt who had excessive gas and vented on several occasions. I did not find it nearly as humerus as he did. Do you suppose it was the setting? Atmosphere? Am I getting too damn old to appreciate a juicy one reverberating off the floor? or was it the odor hanging in the air of the confined space in which we were working? Would your grant research address any of these concerns?

05/24/09 09:06 PM #33    


Tony Hruban

You raise several important points and I believe they would have to be part of any study. Now, you suggested it was a juicy one reverberating off the floor, so I assume the sound was of good humorous quality. And you also said it was rank, so it seems the farts should have rated about a 7 on a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being the most humorous. Perhaps you were in a bad mood? Perhaps there was some resentment because you were not able to match Matt's farts? I can tell you, if I had witnessed this event and gotten a whiff of the offending gas and knowing you were in a confined area, I would have found that quite funny.

06/30/09 02:26 PM #34    


Tony Hruban

Waaa zapinen.

No one wants to discuss farts or what? Man it's hard to get this forum going.

All you hosers with street motorcycles should plan to ride to Indianapolis August 28 (or maybe a day either side) to watch MotoGP races at Indy. Just as well plan for a few more days to go riding in eastern Tennessee and Kentucky too.

07/07/09 02:36 PM #35    

Jeff Kracl

Yeah on the Indy Moto GP races. Let's see I know Bill Hager, Fred Kruger, Richard Bruckner, Marge Scheuneman, Dennis Dolliver, Larry Loske, Chuck Zelazney all have bikes. Let's get them suckers out and put some miles on them. For those of you without a motorcycle, well I could help you remedy that problem too. Then when we are there we could continue the humerous fart debate.

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